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2016 Fair Day a huge Success!

The weather was fine, the sun shone at times, and the crowds came.  Hundreds and hundreds of people flocked into the High Street and South Street to look at the 60 or so stalls.  The dancers, musicians and Magic Mike enjoyed large audiences in the arena area, and the fairground rides, Punch and Judy and hawks and falcons all attracted a lot of interest. The streets started to fill as soon as the stall holders had set up at midday, and did not empty until after 4.30.

This was one of the busiest and most successful Scalby Fair Days. A big thank you to all – the stall holders, the performers, and the Scalby Fair Committee for an excellent day!

Wine Tasting 2016

Despite overcast skies there was a good turn out at the Wednesday Evening Wine Tasting.

Our sommelier, Linda Dowson, had sourced some really interesting and tasty wines from around the world. She treated us to some of the lesser known grape varieties, and described the area and climate that they came from, then challenged the audience to guess the price of a bottle.

A very enjoyable evening was had by all!


Family Treasure Hunt 2016

24 families took part in the Scalby Fair Treasure Hunt, on a warm and dry evening. People of all ages could be seen wandering around the village, scratching their heads, peering into gardens, and generally looking puzzled as they searched for the answers to the 55 questions.

There were questions for all ages to solve, and the event was very well received by the participants.

The winning team was “THE DREAM TEAM”.   Congratulations!

Record Entry for 2016 Scalby Fair Run

The 2016 Run saw an amazing 105 runners take part, 55 in the Junior  1 mile race, and 50 in the 4.5 mile Senior Race. This is a Fair Record. Huge thanks are due to Scarborough Athletics Club for organising the event.

The Senior race is run over 3 laps of the village, allowing competitors to do fewer laps if they choose.



2016 Scalby Walk Report and Results

The atrocious weather on Easter Monday morning reduced the number of walkers to a hardy few, who braved the cold, wind and rain to battle their way to Cloughton, but with the benefit of wind assistance, returned much more quickly.

This year’s chosen charity was St Catherine’s Hospice.

Walkers set off on a staggered start to avoid traffic issues, but the fastest man was Tom Hill at 1hr 15min 30 secs,  and the fastest lady was Sacha Butterworth at 1hr 20min 30 secs.  Full results are below.

The Fancy Dress first prize went to the Caribbean Queens, who managed to hold on to the fruit bowls perched on their heads, and second place went to the large team of Supermen and women. Snow White and the dwarves (including Grumpy – who didn’t like fancy dress and didn’t wear it!)  just missed out on a prize.

Scalby Walk 2016 Results

1st Resident Man Jeff Black 1.33.30

1st Resident Lady Lucy Carter 1:46:30

Fastest Resident Man Tom Hill 1:15:30

Fastest Resident Lady Sacha Butterworth 1:20:30

1st Non Resident Man Callum Ramsay 1:22:15

1st Non Resident Lady Sarah Grieve 1:23:15

Fastest Non Resident Man Callum Ramsay 1:22:15

Fastest Non Resident Lady Sarah Grieve 1:23:15

Veteran Man Brian Beaver 1:44:55

Ditto Lady Maureen Cullingworth 2:46:00

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