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Flower Festival

 Scalby Flower Festival originated at the time of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee when the Scalby Fair Committee thought that it would be another event to enhance the week’s programme, to involve more people from the village and to perhaps interest people from outside the village.

At the beginning both St. Laurence’s Church and the Methodist Church were asked to be involved and for many years the two churches alternated as the venue. More recently, the Flower Festival has taken place each year at St. Laurence’s over Scalby Fair weekend with members of both congregations taking part in this themed event linked with Scalby Fair. Arrangers come not only from the churches, but also from the local community including support from a number of members of Scarborough Flower Club, so the resulting displays are varied and imaginative.

Over the last few years we have had “Flower Power” based on the events of the 1960s, “By The Seaside” with buckets and spades, donkey rides, lifeboats etc. and last year “Life on the Ocean Waves – A World Cruise”. When the Flower Festival first began, themes were more religiously based with topics such as “Psalms”, “Hymns”, “Church Festivals” etc. However, no matter how testing the theme may be, it is amazing how the arrangers always come up with something new and exciting. Although we are always pleased to welcome new volunteers, quite a number of people have been arranging for most of the last thirty five years! That must warrant some applause!

The Friday night preview of flowers (7.30 – 9pm), has taken place over many years and, as with the topics, its format has also varied, from “sit and listen” entertainment, followed by a finger buffet, to the present, perhaps lower key and less financially demanding, viewing of flowers accompanied by Jack Jowsey playing the piano. Last year’s event seemed happy and relaxed so we are doing the same again this year. tickets for this preview evening are £3.

Viewing times are: Friday 7.30 – 9pm,  Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm, and Monday 10pm – 3pm.

We hope that visitors viewing the displays at times other than the preview evening will be prepared to make a donation towards the flowers, which will help the Scalby Fair Committee’s donations to local causes.



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